MCPE Texture Packs for Minecraft PE

    This list contains the best MCPE texture packs for Minecraft PE. The great thing is that they work with all mobile devices. Accordingly, you can install the textures even if you play with a low-end device. For example, this includes old Android phones and iOS tablets. Moreover, most of the MCPE textures are free of charge. This is a fine thing because after all, you don’t like to spend money on Minecraft add-ons.

    In some cases, we have linked free alternatives. We do this when an MCPE texture pack is only available in Minecraft Marketplace. You can be sure that our alternatives have no lags and bugs. We can guarantee that because we always test them in an MCPE texture pack world before we write a review. When we are testing them, we always make sure that they are compatible with the latest Minecraft PE update. In addition, we always play a test round in online mode and survival mode. Especially the PvP modes SkyWars and Bedwars are important to us. These mini-games are the best way to check if an MCPE texture pack runs smoothly and with no lags. Furthermore, we check all blocks, GUI, and items.

    However, it is possible that some packs are only available for the Java Edition and do not appear in this list. This is no problem because then you can use our MCPE texture pack converter. It converts the pack format from Java to MCPE. This works with all common resolutions, like 32×32, 64×64, and 256×256. The great thing is that this is all done online, and you don’t need an additional APK app. The bot does everything for you automatically.

    Now we come to the MCPE texture packs list. It has several pages that you can browse. There are numerous screenshots and videos in each article for an optimal review. These show you how the texture packs change the Minecraft gameplay. You can always find the download links and installation tutorials at the bottom. By the way, there are also all Faithful texture packs for MCPE. They are very popular.

    If you want to create your own MCPE texture pack, check out our Default texture pack template. It contains the standard Minecraft PE textures. You can edit them as you like and design your own graphics. It’s easy as pie and all you need is an image editor app. If you also want to be informed about new releases from the community, join our Discord server.

    Note: The texture packs for MCPE usually have the file suffix “.MCPACK”. However, it often happens that they also end with “.ZIP”. As a result, the Minecraft PE textures are not displayed and nothing works. You have to rename the downloaded file so that this does not happen. Sometimes it can also help to extract the file.

    This also applies to MCPE shaders, because they are technically not different from texture packs. A shader is useful if you want to play with shadows and clear glass. This refers to glass panes that no longer have those pesky streaks and you thus have a clean glass pane. This is much easier on the PC, where you only need to install Optifine for Minecraft.

    Now you know everything about MCPE texture packs. Finally, it is worth mentioning that this list is updated regularly. You can always find the latest texture packs for MCPE at the top.