Halloween Texture Packs


Minecraft can be spooky too. Normally your virtual environment doesn’t look spectacular, but Halloween texture packs change that. For example, the focus is on the pumpkins, because they are decorated just like in real life. They have a scary faces carved into them. By the way, you can also use a pumpkin as a helmet in Minecraft. This way you can also dress up in the game and maybe scare other players. All Halloween packs from the list use different styles. Changing armor and swords is very popular, which you will appreciate especially as a PvP player. This might not be as important in single-player mode, but it’s even more useful in Bedwars or SkyWars. Browse our small list and celebrate Halloween in the game.


What is a Halloween Texture Pack?

A Halloween texture pack customizes everything in the game for the spookiest event of the year. They often contain spooky textures that have darker colors. While the texture packs were created for Halloween, you can of course use them anytime. Moreover, it is of course clear that not everything can be customized for this theme. This is simply due to the limited possibilities in Minecraft. Nevertheless, the textures look good.

The list includes full versions and smaller add-ons. Actually, each of them is compatible with Java Edition. This is unfortunately not the case for MCPE and Bedrock, as there are only a few download links for these. You can theoretically use the texture pack of your choice again next year for Halloween, but that’s not recommended. This is because regular major game updates come out, which is why the included blocks and items won’t work correctly in the future. Therefore, it’s best to check back here next October to avoid any problems. Unless you’re using the 1.8.9 version, then you can ignore this advice.

Easter Eggs in the game

Incidentally, the Mojang development team often adds easter eggs to the game on this occasion. In the past, for example, it was added for a few days that mobs knock on your door and want candy. Fortunately, this didn’t stay in the game permanently, because it’s quite unpleasant to have zombies permanently waiting outside your house. Furthermore, there are great deals available in the Marketplace. There you will find cool Halloween skins that are quite scary. You’ll also find a lot of real-life stuff. You can print out masks and stencils. If you like, you can cut them out at home and color them with pens. Feel free to send us a picture on Instagram or Twitter.

Have a great Halloween with Minecraft texture packs and hopefully lots of candy in real life. Maybe the next time someone from our team will stand in front of your door and tell you: “Trick or treat”. So always have some snacks at home!