Marketplace Texture Packs

The Minecraft Marketplace was introduced to the Pocket Edition in early 2017. Before its addition, downloading texture packs and skins in-game was an incredibly complicated process. Thanks to the new store, getting Minecraft Marketplace texture packs has become much simpler for players like you. In our view, the in-game catalog lacks efficient organization, which is why we have compiled a selection of the best Marketplace texture packs for Minecraft. Additionally, you will find detailed descriptions that go beyond just a few lines. Also, we offer a wealth of screenshots and videos that surpass what the official Marketplace provides. These resources enable you to form your own well-informed opinion about whether a purchase is worthwhile.

What is the Minecraft Marketplace?

Are you confused about how the Minecraft store works and what it has to offer? Well, we will give you some information.

When you visit the Minecraft Marketplace, you'll be greeted with a plethora of content waiting to be downloaded and installed. If you're into thrilling adventures, you'll love the custom worlds available for you to conquer. You can find featured worlds and discover new and trending ones that will captivate your imagination. Beyond the maps, there are mods tailored for specific themes, offering unique challenges and exciting storylines.

Download Marketplace Texture Packs

Now, let's talk about the game-changer: Marketplace texture packs! These packs, like PureBDcraft, add new mobs and textures to Minecraft. So you see you can download some great content in the official shop.

Our list of the best Marketplace texture packs is compatible with various platforms where you can enjoy Minecraft, such as Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, iOS, Android, and Windows. Notably, when you make a single purchase in the Marketplace, you can access it across all your devices through your Microsoft account. Should you find a thumbnail or name intriguing in our list, clicking on the images will lead you to a review article with download links.

Here's a helpful tip: it is advisable to purchase texture packs in the Marketplace that cost under 1000 Minecoins and possess at least a 4-star rating. These two aspects serve as additional indicators of quality. Additionally, it's crucial to verify whether the project is being actively developed, as it would be pointless to buy textures that become obsolete after the next update.

Minecraft Minecoins

We understand you might be eager to start downloading these amazing creations, but let's talk about the best way to acquire them. The Marketplace operates with in-game currency called Minecoins and you have different packages to choose from. Buying Minecoins in bulk can offer you better value, and some Marketplace texture bundles even come with extra packs as a bonus. All prices are reasonable, starting at just two dollars, but remember that it's purely cosmetic, so it won't impact gameplay.

Despite this, it's essential to understand that this is the creators' primary source of income. Interestingly, this approach wasn't initially envisioned by the former main developer, Notch, as microtransactions were introduced later by Microsoft. Many hope that the Java Edition will not introduce a similar Marketplace in the future. PC gamers, for instance, enjoy numerous free texture packs and mods, setting them apart from other gaming communities.

However, not everything in the official Marketplace requires Minecoins. You'll find some incredible free content as well. Simply use the filter option, look for free projects, and enjoy new add-ons without spending a single Minecoin. If you have any questions or need more information, drop a comment in one of our review articles, and we'll be delighted to help!

Issues and Challenges on the Minecraft Marketplace

It's important to shed some light on the darker aspects of the Minecraft Marketplace. Despite all the exciting content and possibilities, there are certain issues that remain shrouded in mystery and have a negative impact on the platform.

Firstly, let's talk about the unique guidelines that govern the Marketplace. Some rules seem contradictory and serve more as a public relations tactic rather than promoting fairness. For instance, while LGBT content is technically not allowed, certain search terms bypass this rule to maintain a facade of neutrality. Moreover, the guidelines about representing multiple ethnicities in skin packs can be seen as just a PR move. These rules may not apply to certain themed texture packs, leading to questions about their real purpose.


Problems within the Minecraft Marketplace are not uncommon and can be quite frustrating, limiting your access. The most common issues reported by users include:

  • Images not loading
  • Internet connection disruptions
  • Inability to purchase texture packs

Generally, your internet connection is responsible for the mentioned issues, underscoring the importance of a reliable connection to your ISP since the Marketplace operates entirely online. Less frequently, purchase failures occur due to insufficient hardware for certain packs, particularly those with high-resolution and realistic RTX textures. In such cases, the only solution is to invest in a more powerful device.

Free Marketplace Texture Packs Ports

One notable issue that Microsoft and Mojang struggle to address is the availability of free Marketplace texture pack ports circulating on the internet. Although some may view this as a positive aspect, it constitutes a copyright violation. Despite the existence of numerous such packs on platforms like YouTube, they rarely face penalties. While recognizing that many young players enjoy Minecraft, it's crucial to discourage the use of illegally distributed packs. There are plenty of fantastic alternatives for mobile devices that are not offered in the Marketplace but are available without fees on our website.

Stolen Content

On top of that, copyright infringement and stolen content are rampant in the Marketplace. Microsoft doesn't act promptly upon such issues, and the responsibility of reporting stolen content falls on the creators themselves. This lack of enforcement results in a flood of low-quality and plagiarized content, drowning out original and high-effort creations. The best example of this is Faithful, which was sold in the store for years without permission.

Furthermore, some Marketplace managers have shown inappropriate behavior when confronted with reports of stolen content. Instead of addressing the issue professionally, they deflect blame and discourage users from reporting such cases, leaving the stolen content unchallenged. Another problem is the technical flaws in the Marketplace, such as unlisted content, delayed submissions, and the inability to access content without an internet connection. These things only add to the frustration of both creators and players.

Let's talk about the financial aspect. Marketplace creators face an uphill battle due to the considerable cut taken by Microsoft. With a mere 37.5% of the profits going to creators, it becomes challenging for high-effort creators to sustain themselves on the platform. NDAs further restrict transparency, making it difficult for creators to discuss their earnings openly. Partners and texture artists aren't even told how much of their Marketplace texture packs was sold, raising suspicion about Microsoft's undisclosed revenue share.

All these issues contribute to the deteriorating state of the Minecraft Marketplace. While the concept is promising, the execution falls short, and Microsoft's lack of action only worsens the situation. It's essential for players and creators alike to be aware of these problems to encourage positive change in the Marketplace. As a community, we should strive for fairness, transparency, and a platform that truly values creativity and originality.