Minecraft 1.17.1 Texture Packs

Minecraft is constantly being developed and therefore there are small updates every now and then. In this case, it’s the brand new 1.17.1 update that fixes some bugs and makes a few changes to the gameplay. There are only a few changes, so no new blocks, items or mobs are added. Accordingly, Minecraft 1.17.1 texture packs do not change much compared to the previous version 1.17.

It’s just fun to use a texture pack in Minecraft 1.17.1, because the normal textures look pretty boring. Also, you should know that with the Caves and Cliffs update some new stuff has been added to the game. That’s why we took special care to make sure that the packs from our list are complete.

Furthermore, you should pay attention to how the goats and axolotls look when you make your choice, because they appear for the first time in the 1.17 version. By the way, these two mobs are the focus of the 1.17.1 update, because there are a couple of adjustments for them.

But now back to the topic. What makes the texture packs 1.17.1 for Minecraft actually so special? This can’t be answered in general, because everyone has a different opinion if the textures are nice or not. You will find many different resolutions and styles in our download list because of the different tastes. You can find everything from 4×4 to 1024×1024. Moreover, the most popular categories such as Realism and Faithful are included.

👉 We recommend you to install Optifine 1.17.1 and shaders 1.17.1 to improve the Minecraft graphics.

Pack list

Our personal recommendation from our pack list are Faithful and XRay, because both projects have been extremely popular for years. Also, both are playable for all Minecraft Editions, which explains the high number of downloads. Of course, you can download as many Minecraft texture packs as you want, because everything is completely free. The only exception are resource packs, which are offered in the official Marketplace. However, this is not that dramatic, because you can find some great free alternatives in our pack list.

In the end, you will have much more fun with the new textures in the first part of the caves & cliffs update. By the way, the second part will be released at the end of 2021, which will add even more new features. You can be curious if there will be further such good texture packs in the future.

How to install 1.17.1 Texture Packs

First of all, you should take a look at our list of Minecraft 1.17.1 texture packs. Past experience has shown that the most efficient way is to choose three packs from the list and look at them yourself in Minecraft.

The first step is to launch Minecraft and select the game version 1.17.1. Then you can press “Play” to download the game files. After a short time you will be in the main menu and in the bottom left corner you can check if you have selected the correct version. Then click on “options” and on the next page on “resource packs”. Either drag the ZIP file into the Minecraft window or open the resource packs folder at the bottom left and drop the texture pack into it. Both ways work and in the end everything should have worked for you.

This tutorial is for PC players and accordingly it only works with the Java Edition. For the other game editions you need a .mcpack file and just click on it to start the import immediately. You can activate packs for the Bedrock Edition under global resources.

If the pack is not displayed in Minecraft 1.17.1, then it is usually because you have to unpack the downloaded file first. Now all questions should be clarified, but if not, then you have the possibility to read a more detailed guide in each of our texture pack articles.

Minecraft 1.17.1 Resource Packs
Can I use any texture pack in 1.17.1?

Theoretically you can, but in most cases textures will be missing. Therefore, we recommend that you make sure that the pack format is “pack_format”:7. You can check this in the MCMETA file.

What are the categories of 1.17.1 Texture Packs?

The most popular categories are PvP for multiplayer, FPS Boost for bad computers and realistic texture packs. The great thing is that they are for Java, MCPE and Bedrock Edition.