Minecraft 1.20.3 Shaders

The copper update just got a major upgrade in Minecraft 1.20.3! Mojang tossed in some cool experimental stuff like Breeze, Trial Chambers, and more – just like they promised! Now, with the best Minecraft 1.20.3 shaders for the Trails and Trails update, you can flex your fighting muscles in dark spots made of tuff and copper. Browse the list below to find some great packs which you can download for free!

Features and Shaders for 1.20.3

Before a full version hits the servers, Mojang teases us with snapshots and pre-releases. The snapshots spill the beans on new features, and the pre-releases fine-tune the game before the grand release. In the case of 1.20.3, we're talking about multiple snapshots and pre-releases. This is important for shader developers because it allows them to optimize their shader effects for the new version.

Important Changes

  • Copper doors got a makeover! No more half-hearted drops – break them anywhere, and you get the goods.
  • Tools matter! Wood tools couldn't snag copper blocks, but now, even your wooden pickaxe can work its magic.
  • Creative mode got an upgrade. Use the pound symbol to find all items in a category.
  • Bug fixes galore! The return command and server ping are back in action.
  • Minecraft won't glitch anymore with shaders if you stop and continue walking while picking up items.
  • Large and small explosion particles are now working with Minecraft 1.20.3 shaders. Say goodbye to particle-related chaos, especially with the breeze gusting about.

And hey, if you're thinking about downloading your own Minecraft 1.20.3 texture packs to play with pals, we've got a sweet list for you. Head over to our pack category, install it, and enjoy awesome textures with the best shaders for 1.20.3.