Sky Texture Packs


Sky texture packs for Minecraft are a rather special category because most players ignore them. However, we don’t think they should, because you see the sky in Minecraft all the time. We do understand a bit of the disinterest. The angular sun in vanilla Minecraft is really not an eye-catcher. And often players complain that it doesn’t look very realistic. We list on this page the best sky texture packs for Minecraft. This will make the sunrises and sunsets look much more realistic, which will surely please you. In addition, in most resource packs the clouds are rounder and fit better into the gameplay.


More on Sky Texture Packs

We have compiled our list as diverse as possible so that there really is something for everyone. However, there are also a few points to consider before you can start installing. Most Minecraft texture pack creators use Optifine for the custom features in their pack. Therefore, it is advisable to use Optifine so that the sky looks exactly like in our screenshots.

Furthermore, it may be that the textures are only made for the Java Edition on the computer. However, this does not apply to all of them, because there are also some in our sky texture pack list that are available for the Minecraft Bedrock Edition. It’s best to read our articles carefully because that way you’ll find out which platforms the packs are for and what’s included.

You may be trying to make the Minecraft graphics even more realistic. If this is the case, then shaders are recommended. With such an extension you will get additional realistic sun rays. In general, it can be said that the lighting is highly improved with a shader. Unfortunately, most of them are only suitable for powerful computers, which is why iPhone and Samsung users cannot install them. This does not apply to Windows 10 Edition players, because they finally have the possibility to enable RTX.

In the end, you’ll notice that there are several ways to improve the sky in Minecraft. By the way, we have carefully tested every single one from our texture pack list. You will see an amazingly realistic atmosphere after installation and it doesn’t matter if it’s a night sky full of stars or a cloudy day. The sky textures will look incredibly good.

Frequently asked questions

How do I fix a graphic bug in a sky texture pack?

This bug happens due to incorrect settings. The problem can be fixed by enabling the moon, sun, and stars in the graphics settings. Also, you need to use sky textures and turn off the normal sky. The pack is probably not compatible with your game version if all this doesn’t help.

How do I add custom sky textures to a texture pack?

The texture pack file has different folders. In each one is something different stored and in this case it is the following file path: “.minecraft\resourcepacks\PackName\assets\minecraft\mcpatcher\sky\world0”. If this subfolder does not exist yet, then you can simply create the folder yourself. No program is necessary for this.