8×8 Texture Packs

On the one hand, you probably want Minecraft to look as good as possible, but on the other hand it’s also important that you don’t have any lags or bugs. Accordingly, we recommend our category of the best 8x8 texture packs for Minecraft. These are mostly for the Java Edition, but we also have some 8x Texture Packs for the Bedrock Edition. The best thing to do is to click on one of our reviews and check the download links to see if the pack is compatible with your game version. Of course there are always 8x8 items and 8x8 blocks included.

8️⃣✖️8️⃣ What’s an 8x8 texture pack?

It is a pack that has a resolution for each side of a block of 8 by 8 pixels.

🎨 Why should I play with 8 x 8 resolution?

To reduce the basic resolution of Minecraft and play with simpler and less resource-intensive textures.