Minecraft 1.20.2 Texture Packs

It's update day once again in the Minecraft universe. The highly-anticipated Minecraft 1.20.2 was released on September 21, 2023. The Trails and Tales update focuses mainly on some new Minecraft 1.20.2 texture packs. Please note that this minor update adds the Villager Trade Rebalance experimental toggle, new chat commands, and fixes bugs. Let's browse the list and download the packs with the download links in our review articles!

Minecraft 1.20.2 Features

The history of Minecraft 1.20.2 began back in August and extended into September, spanning roughly two months of development. During this time, we witnessed four snapshots, four pre-releases, and one release candidate. Impressively, the update boasts a staggering 185 bug fixes, underlining the commitment of the Mojang team to Minecraft 1.20.2 texture packs.

Now, let's talk about a subtle yet noteworthy change involving lapis lazuli for 1.20.2 textures. The icon for lapis lazuli inside the enchanting table has been adjusted to match the one found in the smithing table. While it might seem like a small detail, this change is extremely important for 1.20.2 texture packs.

New Villager Trading in 1.20.2 Texture Packs

Moving on to a significant shift in the trading dynamics of villagers, the practice of "cycle discounting" has been addressed. Previously, players could repeatedly convert a zombie villager into a regular villager and obtain discounts on trades. However, in Minecraft 1.20.2, cycle discounting is no longer possible. You can now only discount a zombie villager once, and the discount will persist indefinitely. This change is aimed at balancing the game's economy and preventing overpowered discounts.

You can now read more about the new villager trading:
  • The wandering trader, known for its fleeting appearances, now offers players an opportunity to make trades, both buying and selling various items. You can sell an item only once, so their visits are more worthwhile.
  • The armor villager has undergone a complete rework, with biome-specific trades offering various enchantments. Each biome now provides a distinct set of enchantments for players to acquire. For example, the tiger biome allows players to trade for diamond blocks, making these biomes valuable for resource acquisition.
  • The librarian villager has received significant changes, particularly regarding enchantments. Enchantments have been "biome-locked", meaning specific enchantments are tied to certain biomes. Notably, mending enchantments are only obtainable from swamp-dwelling librarians.
  • The cartographer villager now offers maps leading to various biomes and structures. By interacting with the cartographer, you can purchase maps that guide you to specific biomes or structures, such as villages or temples. All maps look much better if you download a Minecraft 1.20.2 resource pack.

Ender Pearls and Sounds in Minecraft 1.20.2 Texture Packs

In previous versions like 1.20 and 1.20.1, Ender Pearls would vanish upon a player's death by default, a rule that remained consistent over time. However, Minecraft 1.20.2 introduces a new feature. Ender Pearls will continue to exist even after your death, but you'll need to act swiftly to recover them. If you respawn quickly after throwing an Ender Pearl and meet specific conditions, your Ender Pearl will still be in play when you return to your Minecraft Trails and Tales world.

Sounds in Minecraft 1.20.2 texture packs have also received some attention. Various new blocks now emit different sounds. From stone to wood to sponge, these new sounds enhance the gameplay.

Social Interactions and Combat System

Next on our list is a change that has been long-awaited by the fans. The ability to report other players on servers based on their in-game names or skins is finally here. If you encounter offensive or inappropriate names or skins while playing, you can now report them through the interactions menu. If the reported content violates the rules, Mojang and Microsoft will take action to address the issue. This works on all platforms since September 2023.

For the first time in years since 1.9, combat mechanics have undergone adjustments to make the system more logical and predictable. The hitboxes of mobs now play a crucial role in determining whether they can hit the player. By visually inspecting these hitboxes, players can strategically position themselves to avoid enemy attacks. For example, this affects the gameplay in caves with creepers, zombies, and witches.

Moreover, you can watch our video about the top 20 best texture packs for 1.20.2 on YouTube.