Shaders for Iris

We have carefully tested and selected a range of Minecraft shaders that fully support the Iris shaders mod. The shaders for Iris from our list have been tested to ensure that they work seamlessly with the shader loader by the developer coderbot and provide an optimal gaming experience for you. The compatibility of these shaders with the Iris shaders mod guarantees smooth and efficient performance with high FPS. You can be confident that the shaders listed below have been rigorously tested by us and are known to work perfectly with Iris.

What shaders don’t work on Iris?

When it comes to shaders that work with Iris, the majority of them are known to work flawlessly as mentioned above. However, there are a few that are known to have issues. For instance, Continuum 2.1, RT, and other focal engine shaders are not supported and will not work with the Iris mod. Additionally, there are a few packs that work with it but may have some issues. Chronos 4.X, for example, may experience some problems, but its newer version, Chronos Spectral, works without any issues. Similarly, SEUS PTGI HRR 3 works fine with the loader, but it may encounter problems when motion blur is enabled. Overall, while there are some exceptions, the vast majority of projects are fully compatible with Iris. By the way, we have listed only compatible packs on this page.

Why You Should Download Shaders for Iris

One significant advantage of Iris is its compatibility with a variety of mods. Unlike shaders for OptiFine, which often work with only a few modpacks, Iris Loader allows you to enjoy the best add-ons and mods from the community. In simple terms, Iris enables you to have both a realistic Minecraft environment and your collection of mods.

Furthermore, all shader packs for Iris are updated much more frequently compared to other loaders. As a result, you no longer have to wait for months for new versions; you'll always be up to date. Another added benefit of installing packs from our list is that the Iris Shader Mod is open-source. This not only makes the entire project special but also continuously improves the mod. The power of the Minecraft community is incredible, with many hands contributing to releasing new updates. In the future, the main developer aims to test the limits of shaders with Iris. They want to add new features that allow unprecedented effects in Minecraft. The goals are ambitious, so stay tuned!