Minecraft 1.19.1 Shaders

Browse and install the latest Minecraft 1.19.1 shaders. This update was released on July 27, 2022, and adds bug fixes and minor changes. For example, allays can now dance when a nearby jukebox is playing. This is quite interesting, because Allays are a new mob and have already been revised again. You can see that Minecraft is still being developed and the next 1.19.2 version will certainly add great features again.

It is currently recommended to install Minecraft 1.19.1 shaders with the official shaders mod. The reason for this is that OptiFine 1.19.1 is not complete.

As always, you should definitely download Minecraft 1.19.1 texture packs. The combination of the textures with the new shadows, realistic water and all other effects is unbeatable. This improves the gameplay so much that even the deep dark biome and the swamp look good. You should use an FPS boost shader in an ancient city, because they have night vision. This is extremely important so that you can quickly see lava, wardens and all other dangers.

Overall, you will find only the best shaders for 1.19.1 in our list. Every shader pack works without lags. We have used different graphics cards and even mobile devices in our tests.

Minecraft 1.19.1 Shader FAQ

How to install a Minecraft 1.19.1 shader?

1.Install IrisShaders mod.
2. Choose a shader from our list and click on a download link.
3. Start Minecraft with the shaders mod.
4. Go to the video settings in the options.
5. Click on shaders and open the shaders folder in the bottom left corner.
6. Move the downloaded zip file to this folder (.minecraft\shaderpacks).
7. Return to Minecraft and select the new shader.
8. Click done.

With which Minecraft editions are the 1.19.1 shaders compatible?

You can download all shaders for the Minecraft Java Edition. Sometimes there are also developers who have made their add-ons compatible with the Minecraft Bedrock Edition (Minecraft PE and MCPE). However, this is rather the exception, because this has become more difficult due to the render dragon update.