Faithful Resource Packs


No category is as popular as the Faithful resource packs for Minecraft. The most important feature is easy to name: All textures are still very similar to vanilla Minecraft but in another resolution. We’ve collected all versions of the Faithful packs that are currently available on this page. The linked articles will give you a complete overview. Previously, we have done this several times on our YouTube channel and the videos have been clicked millions of times. Browse now our list!

What are Faithful Resource Packs?

Faithful resource packs are used to mainly increase the resolution, so you could play with HD blocks. Meanwhile, it also goes in the other direction. So there are also packs that have a lower resolution than the default pack. They look pretty strange, but some people like them. The smaller pixels on the blocks will make you feel like you’re a dwarf all of a sudden because everything seems so big. A great side effect of this is that you get an FPS boost in Minecraft. However, this really only applies to Faithful resource packs with low resolution.

Most of the projects are free of charge. This is also more than fair because after all, only the normal Minecraft textures have been modified. Furthermore, you can also buy them in the official Marketplace, but that’s up to you. Finally, there are also many free download links on Mediafire, for example. Unfortunately, if you’re a console player, you’ll definitely have to spend money. This is because consoles don’t allow Minecraft resource packs from the internet. The price is 990 Minecoins, which is about 5 dollars.

Are Faithful Resource Packs good?

In any case, it is worth downloading an original Faithful resource pack. You will immediately feel comfortable because everything will look as usual. Either a bit simpler or more realistic. It depends on your chosen resolution. A big plus is the compatibility with all Minecraft editions. Accordingly, you can play Faithful on all devices and game versions.

Besides that, there are a lot of edits from fans that customize Faithful. Very popular are PvP edits that make the fire animation lower and shorten swords. These changes are perfect if you like to play Bedwars, UHC, or other PvP modes. After all, you can be sure that there is a Faithful resource pack for all your needs. No matter if you need textures for mods or are just looking for variety.