Minecraft 1.19 Texture Packs

The Minecraft 1.19 texture packs focus on the new Deep Dark biome. The 1.19 packs contain all new textures of the Wild Update. By the way, the Deep Dark biome was already planned for the previous Caves & Cliffs update, but due to the Corona pandemic the development was delayed. You can finally play with the new blocks and mobs in 1.19. A very special new hostile mob is the warden. Many resource pack creators have put a lot of effort into its appearance. Thanks to the numerous Minecraft snapshots, there is usually enough time for creators to add the new custom textures to their 1.19 texture packs.

In addition, the mangrove swamp is another new biome. There is a lot of new content here as well. For example, tadpoles, fireflies and frogs are generated in the exciting mangrove swamp. The PNG files can be found in the Default texture pack. To be more specific, you can find the 1.19 animals and creatures by following this folder path: “assets” < “minecraft” < “textures” < “entity”. Every full 1.19 texture pack has this folder hierarchy. You will need to open the “block” folder inside the “textures” directory for the 1.19 blocks, such as sculk and mud. This information is only important if you plan to edit the textures and create your own texture pack. If you just want to play, you can download the complete 1.19 texture packs from our list. The list is under the next heading.

1.19 Texture Pack List

The list is regularly updated and checked for bugs. This way, we can guarantee that you will only see the best Minecraft texture packs for the Wild Update with no lags. Creators usually update their projects after a few weeks. Therefore, you should check this page regularly if your current texture pack is not available for 1.19 yet. The Faithful texture pack 1.19 and the X-Ray Ultimate texture pack 1.19 are exemplary here, as they are always compatible with the latest game versions at lightning speed. The same goes for the Minecraft shaders 1.19 developers and the OptiFine 1.19 mod.

Now we have enough projects praised. Below this text section is the already touted Minecraft 1.19 texture packs list. The great thing is that there are many download links for Minecraft Java Edition, MCPE and Bedrock Edition. Some packs are free and some can only be installed via the official marketplace. You can find all the information in the respective articles.

Furthermore, we appreciate it if you share this post with your friends. Maybe you’re a YouTuber yourself or you’re active on other social networks. If so, here’s a tip for you. Pick five packs from our website and upload a video with the Top 5 texture packs for 1.19. It’s best to link all five in the description. Our experience has shown that these clips are particularly well-loved by the community. You don’t have to worry about the actuality of the download links, because we take care of that. Finally, we wish you a lot of fun with the Wild Update.