Minecraft 1.15 Texture Packs

The most striking detail of the Minecraft 1.15 full version is that bees now appear in various places in your game world. So the official name of the update is “Buzzy Bees”, which is self-explanatory. From this point on, we have paid special attention to our 1.15 Texture Pack selection, so that new textures such as honeycombs, beehives and honey bottles look especially beautiful. As you’ve come to expect from us before, we’ve made sure that there are no bugs or faulty blocks and items in our collection of texture packs for Minecraft 1.15. Of course, all of the 1.15 Texture Packs listed here are playable without any problems in versions 1.15.1 and 1.15.2. In the end, the structure of the texture packs remains about the same for each current version, except for some minor changes. However, we recommend you to read and have a closer look at our reviews, because every single 1.15 Pack offers different focuses and improvements. It’s best to carefully select a Minecraft Texture Pack and then go to one of the flower forests in Minecraft 1.15, where bees’ nests are most likely to spawn. But watch out, the new Minecraft bees can get nasty too!

VanillaBDcraft 1.15 Bees in Minecraft

How to install a 1.15 Texture Packs

For years the way how to install a Texture Pack has been well known. In very rare cases, however, some players may experience problems. That’s why we take care of you here and show you very quickly how to install a 1.15 Texture Pack. First of all you have to choose one of our texture packs and click on the download link. Once you have successfully downloaded the file, start Minecraft and wait a few moments until you reach the main menu. Now all you need to do is click on “Options”, then “Resource Packs” and “Open Resource Packs”. Copy your 1.15 Texture Pack into this directory. At last you just have to activate it. We recommend that you download several different texture packs so that you can find the best Minecraft 1.15 Texture Pack for you.