Snapshot Texture Packs


Download snapshot texture packs: They are always up to date and add almost all new blocks, items, and mobs of the next major update. You may not know this, but Mojang releases development versions before every major Minecraft update. The snapshots are used to inform the community about the current status and to find out if there are any bugs or suggestions for improvement. So you can discover a lot of new features. You should also know that the Mojang developers immediately work on the next update when the last one has just been released.

However, it’s quite disappointing when you realize that your favorite pack hasn’t been updated yet. That’s why we created a complete snapshot texture pack list. Unfortunately, they differ in their completeness. One pack may have all new textures and another one may have only a few new blocks. Furthermore, the snapshot texture packs are in development just like Minecraft itself. Errors can occur, but this is the exception. It’s a mark of quality when a pack has been added to this snapshot resource pack list because it shows that most of the textures are up-to-date. If you like to play with experimental features, check out the preview texture packs as well.

You can thank the creators because most of the projects are free. XRay and Faithful are especially noteworthy because these packs are most of the time compatible with all new versions. By the way, it makes no difference if you want to download a texture pack for an experimental snapshot, pre-release, or release candidate. All packs work, but sometimes you have to ignore the incompatibility message. Please check out this page regularly because the list is updated every week. New snapshot texture packs are added all the time and Mojang releases new Minecraft snapshots almost every week.