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Classic 3D texture pack makes Minecraft more realistic. At first glance, everything looks the same, but after a short time, you will notice a big difference. If you play with this pack, almost all the blocks are in 3D. Basically, they are still the standard Minecraft textures, but with more details and more complex surfaces. The blocks are no longer flat because they have relief. The special thing is that you don’t have to install any mods or shaders. Normally you have to do that if you want to use POM or PBR textures. Accordingly, the pack works with all Minecraft editions without any glitches. However, you should lower the render distance a bit in the Minecraft settings to avoid lags.

Honestly, the Classic 3D resource pack is so good that it could be used by Microsoft as the standard Minecraft default pack. The project is actively developed since 2019 and is always available for the latest game version. Moreover, there are additional versions of the texture pack besides the standard package:

  • One add-on makes Classic 3D compatible with the mods Biomes O’ Plenty, Oh The Biomes You’ll Go, Quark, and Twilight Forrest.
  • The Lite version is for players who play Minecraft on low-end devices. The performance is optimized, which results in higher FPS. However, it still includes the most popular 3D ores and other realistic features.
  • There is also a mini pack that only contains the 3D tree logs. You should only download this pack if you want to use it as an add-on for another Minecraft resource pack.

Overall, the entire Minecraft environment improves, because even decorative elements have more depth. This also means that you’ll see the 3D effects everywhere. Also, many items and mobs are in 3D. Many things are very similar to the free Default 3D texture pack, which is mainly known by older gamers. The two projects are basically identical. Except for the big difference that the aforementioned project is no longer updated.

By the way, the developer has created all 3D models with Blockbench. This software is also used by many others, such as Noxcrew, who released the Vividity texture pack. The program is from a German developer who would definitely be happy if you try it out.


Classic 3D is compatible with these Minecraft versions: 1.20.1 – 1.20 – 1.19.4 – 1.19.3 – 1.19.2 – 1.19.1 – 1.19 – 1.18.2 – 1.18 – 1.17.1 – 1.17 – 1.16.5 – 1.16 – 1.15.2 – 1.15 – 1.14.4 – 1.14 – 1.13.2 – 1.13 – 1.12.2 – 1.12 – 1.11.2 – 1.11 – 1.10.2 – 1.10 – 1.9.4 – 1.9 – 1.8.9 – 1.8

  • Blocks
  • Mod Support
  • Items

Video & Screenshots

As you can see in the screenshots, Classic 3D is primarily designed for players who like to build things in Minecraft. Especially the houses look very nice. Everything from doors to chimneys is three-dimensional. But most impressive are the crafting table and the furnace. We can assume that a lot of effort was put into creating them. That’s understandable because both are important utility blocks.


Use our comparison tool to compare the Minecraft default pack with Classic 3D.
Classic 3D texture pack compared to Minecraft vanilla (before)Classic 3D texture pack compared to Minecraft vanilla (after)

How to install the Classic 3D Texture Pack

  1. Click on the Classic 3D download link that is compatible with your game version and Minecraft edition.
  2. Launch Minecraft.
  3. Click on “Options” in the main menu.
  4. In the options menu, go to the submenu “Resource Packs”.
  5. Click on “Open Pack Folder” at the bottom left.
  6. Move the downloaded ZIP file into your resourcepacks folder.
  7. You will see the pack on the left half of the resource pack screen. If it is not displayed in Minecraft, you need to unzip the file.
  8. Move the cursor to the pack logo and click the arrow pointing to the right.
  9. Click on “Done”.

The game may tell you during the installation that the pack was made for a newer or older Minecraft version. This is an error and you can still activate the pack. However, if you notice a real bug while playing, please report it here so that it can be fixed.

Classic 3D Texture Pack Download

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  1. By far the best Texture Pack. Could you make more of the blocks 3D though? like Stone and Dirt and Ore still aren’t 3D.