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The Brixel texture pack is a great addition for fans of Minecraft and LEGO®. It modifies the blocks in the game to look like real LEGO® bricks, providing a nostalgic trip back to childhood, when you built the coolest LEGO® sets in your nursery. Unfortunately, LEGO’s attempts to create their own video game were unsuccessful, making this crossover even more valuable.

Sebastian (known online as Wabbabrick), the creator of the pack, likely spent several hours creating all the textures. Since then, a team has been created to continue developing the pack. Their goal is to make Minecraft blocks resemble real LEGO® as closely as possible. They have done an excellent job of creating the world of Minecraft using tiny LEGO bricks, which gives the graphic a fresh, new look. The pack comes in various resolutions, ranging from 64x to 1024x, allowing players to choose the level of detail that suits their hardware, from lower-end systems to high-end gaming rigs.

The team has dubbed the new Minecraft blocks “Brixel” because they are cubes made up of many small 3D elements. The level of detail is impressive, with different layers on each block creating depth and relief texture. The complex geometry of the tiny bricks is simulated using Parallax Occlusion Mapping, enabling the game to render the bricks realistically without significantly impacting performance. The pack is designed to work seamlessly with the BSL shaders, which offer stunning 3D blocks and realistic lighting. All textures are handcrafted, not created automatically by computer programs, which is pretty cool but time-consuming.

Furthermore, the Brixel texture pack also includes an audio pack, albeit with limited sounds. The bricks produce rattling and clicking sounds when placed, hit, and destroyed, enhancing the game’s LEGO-like feel. Even footsteps have their own sounds, making players feel like they are really walking in a world made of tiny bricks.

Performance settings

It’s worth noting that the Brixel texture pack is optimized for FPS. However, if you have a poor setup or incorrect Minecraft settings, lag can still occur due to the above-average block and item resolution. When combined with shaders, even high-end graphics cards (GPUs) can struggle to run the game smoothly. The main developer uses a laptop with an i7-9750H and GTX 1660 Ti. He achieves 40 FPS with SEUS PTGI and 70 FPS with BSL using this hardware. It’s also possible to combine another shader with BSL that doesn’t include ray tracing, resulting in increased FPS while using the Brixel resource pack in Minecraft. We recommend trying this option.

We recommend checking your options to make sure that “parallax occlusion mapping” and “advanced textures” are enabled in the BSL settings. In addition, the “parallax resolution” value should match the pack resolution if using SEUS, and anisotropic filtering must also be enabled.

If you’re experiencing performance issues, here are some additional tips for optimizing your settings:

  • Reduce render distance in-game (options -> video settings)
  • Allocate more RAM to Minecraft
  • Set the frame rate to unlimited in Minecraft (options -> video settings)
  • Use a lower resolution of the resource pack

This site is not associated with LEGO®. We did not create the pack and respect the copyright of the company.


Brixel is compatible with these Minecraft versions: 1.20.1 – 1.20 – 1.19.4 – 1.19.3 – 1.19.2 – 1.19.1 – 1.19 – 1.18.2 – 1.18.1 – 1.18 – 1.17.1 – 1.17 – 1.16.5 – 1.16

  • Armor
  • Environment
  • GUI
  • Mobs
  • Audio

Video & Screenshots


The 512x resolution is used in video trailers and screenshots. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the pack is only available as a trial version for free. To access all resolutions and textures, you’ll need to purchase the full version on Patreon. We strongly advise against using a cracked version of the pack, as it is illegal and doesn’t support the development team in any way.

If you’re looking for a free alternative, we recommend the MineBricks texture pack. This pack can be downloaded as a full version for free and is quite similar to the Brixel pack in terms of quality. Both packs are excellent options and are in no way inferior to each other.


Use our comparison tool to compare the Minecraft default pack with Brixel.
Brixel texture pack compared to Minecraft vanilla (before)Brixel texture pack compared to Minecraft vanilla (after)

How to install the Brixel Texture Pack

1. The first step is to decide whether you want to get Brixel for free or buy it on Patreon. Then you continue with one of the two options:

a) A new free trial version is released regularly by the author. You can get this version with just one click in our download section.

b) There are also regular updates on the official Patreon, which are much more extensive. First of all, you need to sign up for a paid subscription to get complete access to all posts. Go to the latest post and download all files you need.

2. The steps are exactly the same from now on. Go to the Minecraft website and install the game. You must have launched it at least once to have all the file paths that will be needed throughout this tutorial.

3. Now download the latest version of OptiFine. OptiFine is required so that you can play with all the features.

4. You have the choice between using the BSL shaders or the SEUS PTGI shaders. A shader pack is required because it shows the normal blocks in 3D. Parallax mapping is used for this because no PC would be able to deal with the textures.

5. Open the Brixel ZIP folder that you downloaded in the first step. You will find a file called “Brixel 1024x PTGI – place this and run in your .minecraft folder.exe”. A similar name is quite possible if you have chosen a different resolution or version.

6. Move the EXE file to your Minecraft folder. You can get there as follows: “C:\User\AppData\Roaming.minecraft”. Now double-click the file to install the Brixel texture pack. A window will open asking if you want to overwrite existing files. Here you select “Yes to all”. This will overwrite your personal Optifine and shader settings to ensure that Brixel can run properly.

7. Go to the options and then to the resource packs. Select the resolution you have installed.

Most likely you did something wrong during the installation if the pack is not displayed. Just try again and pay attention to every detail of this tutorial.

Brixel Texture Pack Download

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Bedrock Edition, Minecraft PE and MCPE:
A similar LEGO resource pack by another creator.
[MCPACK] Brixel Texture Pack

Java Edition:
Brixel for the Minecraft Java Edition requires OptiFine and BSL Shaders. It will not work without them. Please read the installation guide further above.
[Free] [64x] Download Brixel Texture Pack
[Paid] [512x – 256x – 128x] Purchase Brixel Texture Pack on Patreon

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Will there be a Brixel version for Minecraft Bedrock Edition?

There will probably be a version for Bedrock in the future. The prerequisite for this is that the Patreon project continues to be successful.

Why are there two versions of Brixel?

Each version supports a different shader. SEUS PTGI and BSL shaders are built differently, so the textures are tweaked for each pack version. The SEUS version is more resource-demanding for the PC, while the BSL version is more performance-friendly. Both shaders are available for free to download.

I’m having performance issues, what can I do?

Texturing more blocks involves that so-called “texture atlas” that Minecraft uses for loading textures to go to a higher resolution. This results in some FPS drop, which may be noticeable with the 1024x versions. This is pretty much standard and unavoidable for all resource packs, but the Wannabrick team will be working on a solution that will make Brixel run smoother.

  • Creativity
  • Popularity
  • Shader compatibility


Brixel originally became popular through Reddit and YouTube. The pack has also been mentioned on many well-known gaming websites, which has increased its popularity even more.

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  2. I can’t believe I spent almost 30 minutes trying to figure this out, just to discover that it costs 12 f*king dollars a MONTH, for a TEXTURE PACK.