8-bitCraft 2 Texture Pack 1.18, 1.18.2 → 1.16.5

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Usually, it is common to try to get the maximum out of Minecraft. However, the 8-bit Craft 2 Texture Pack is different, because it makes the textures more simple and not more realistic. You’ll probably have seen simple textures in other packs before, but in this case, the very low resolution is special. As the name suggests, all the blocks, objects, and creatures are at only 8 pixels. The differences compared to vanilla Minecraft are very clear because the resolution is halved. If you look very closely, you can only see similarities in the items. Whereas the blocks have been completely redesigned and are now much simpler and more colorful.

You might be wondering why you should play with the pack when the graphics are getting more pixelated. One advantage is that 8bit-Craft 2 gives you an FPS boost in Minecraft. This makes the entire game run smoother and there are significantly fewer lags. By the way, there are also alternatives, such as F8thful and Rodrigo’s Pack. One major difference is that these alternatives offer you much fewer features. While all three packs have simplistic blocks, the 8-bit Craft 2 texture pack has so much more features to offer.

Best Features

  • The glass is not connected to each other in the default pack and thus unsightly borders appear. The creator of the project is aware of this problem, which is why he has connected all glasses. This gives you the possibility to build large windows without frames.
  • There are also connected blocks. As a result, the landscape looks much nicer, because everything blends into each other. The Texture Pack is far superior to its competition because of the support of this feature.
  • In addition, you have the possibility to create custom items. To do this, you need to go to an anvil in your world and change the name of the item. You can use the following names for diamond and netherite swords: Neon Pink Katana, NB Pride Sword, and Rainbow Sword. You can find a complete name list on the official Discord server.

In our opinion, these are the best features of the 8bitCraft 2 texture pack. In addition, there are the following features to discover: glowing stuff, item skins, new plant variations, and 3D models. Ultimately, it’s the simplicity and the many configuration options that stand out. Apart from that, it can be noted that the textures look much cuter and have a fabulous design.

Fortunately, there is a port for MCPE. What is special is that the user beautiful_developer has released 8-bitCraft 2 for MCPE for free. As a Bedrock player, you usually have to buy Minecoins with real money and only then you can access texture packs in the Marketplace. In this case, the download link on our site will be sufficient and will redirect you to the official download page.


8-bitCraft 2 is compatible with these Minecraft versions: 1.18.2 – 1.18.1 – 1.18 – 1.17.1 – 1.17 – 1.16.5 – 1.16.4 – 1.16.3 – 1.16.2 – 1.16.1 – 1.16

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  • Particles
  • Environment
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Video & Screenshots


Use our comparison tool to compare the Minecraft default pack with 8-bitCraft 2.
8-bitCraft texture pack compared to Minecraft vanilla (before)8-bitCraft texture pack compared to Minecraft vanilla (after)

How to install the 8-bitCraft 2 Texture Pack

If you receive an incompatibility message, you can still activate the pack.

  1. Download and install OptiFine.
  2. Click on the 8-bitCraft 2 texture pack download link that is compatible with your game version and Minecraft edition.
  3. Launch Minecraft.
  4. Click on “Options” in the main menu.
  5. In the options menu, go to the submenu “Resource Packs”.
  6. Click on “Open Pack Folder” at the bottom left.
  7. Move the downloaded ZIP file into your resourcepacks folder.
  8. You will see the pack on the left half of the resource pack screen. If it is not displayed in Minecraft, you need to unzip the file.
  9. Move the cursor to the pack logo and click the arrow pointing to the right.
  10. Click on “Done”.

The game may tell you during the installation that the pack was made for a newer or older Minecraft version. This is an error and you can still activate the pack.

8-bitCraft 2 Texture Pack Download

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The 8-bitCraft project is definitely not a downgrade for the game, because it improves the normal Minecraft in its very own way. All in all, the pack offers a lot of variety with custom items and block transitions.


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