Minecraft 1.19.3 Texture Packs

You can browse the best Minecraft 1.19.3 texture packs for the Minecraft Wild Update on this page. Unlike the 1.19.2 packs, this update adds a lot of new game content. This also means that some new textures have been ported to Minecraft. We recommend you to download a resource pack for 1.19.3. The Mojang development team has experimentally added camels to the gameplay. This mob won’t be officially playable for everyone until the major Minecraft 1.20 update. However, you can already play with them by activating a data pack in 1.19.3. In order to do this, you need to allow experimental features in your Minecraft world. Furthermore, new decorative blocks are added, which are also part of the Minecraft 1.19.3 texture packs. This is less interesting for survival players, but the creative inventory has been reworked and is reorganized as well. By the way, Mojang has announced that they release Minecraft updates more often. That’s why you should visit our site again soon to not miss the 1.20 or 1.19.4 packs.

On top of that, the pack_format has been changed to 11. Accordingly, you will get a warning message in Minecraft if you try to install an old 1.19 texture pack that is not yet updated to 1.19.3. You can ignore this warning, but the pack that causes the error message will not contain all textures, so we advise you to download an up-to-date pack from our list. You should do that anyway because almost 100 bugs have been fixed in 1.19.3.

Check out our Minecraft 1.19.3 shaders, which you can download for free. Together with the texture packs, your game world will be more beautiful.

This list features freshly updated 1.19.3 texture packs for Minecraft. We recommend you to download three packs, test them and finally decide which pack you want to play with in the next weeks. Have fun with the new camels, bamboo blocks, hanging signs, chiseled bookshelves, and bundles!