Chroma Hills Texture Pack 1.19, 1.19.4 β†’ 1.18.2

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We stumbled upon a truly remarkable texture pack that will transport you to a Minecraft world of knights, castles, and rustic beauty. It’s called the Chroma Hills texture pack, and trust us, you won’t be disappointed. Chroma Hills transcends the boundaries of ordinary mods by adding a plethora of advanced features. Prepare to be dazzled by the inclusion of over 1000 extra textures, custom skies that paint the backdrop with awe-inspiring beauty, and a myriad of random mobs that bring life and excitement to every corner of your blocky universe. To unlock the full potential of Chroma Hills, ensure that you use OptiFine if you are a PC player.

Behind the captivating charm of the Chroma Hills texture pack lies the unwavering passion and exceptional talent of SycloneSJS, a seasoned graphics artist with a wealth of experience in the games industry. In 2012, the creator started to working on this project, which has gained significant popularity within the Minecraft community. SycloneSJS aka Simon did this as a means to find solace after the closure of a business venture. Little did they know that this endeavor would ignite a creative fire within, allowing them to channel their vision and artistic prowess into Minecraft in over 1000 hours of work. Chroma Hills became a testament to their love for game content creation, and the dedication poured into this project shines brightly with every meticulously crafted texture. By the way, Chroma Hills is the official texture pack of SEUS.

Chroma Hills HD Textures

First, let’s take a closer look at the HD blocks. From TNT blocks to sturdy wooden doors, everything adds a touch of medieval to the gameplay. Blocks have received significant refinements, showcasing more logical and visually appealing structures. Traversing through the landscape, you’ll come across enhanced chests, workbenches, and even beds. It’s as if you’ve stepped into a time machine and been transported to a bygone era. One particularly noteworthy feature of Chroma Hills is the collection of paintings available. They add elegance to your buildings.

Let’s talk about armor. Equip yourself with the finest medieval chest plates, and you’ll truly feel like a valiant knight ready to embark on epic quests. The level of realism in the armor design is commendable, making you look like a true hero. But Chroma Hills isn’t just about medieval blocks and items. It offers a variety of themes, including fantasy and RPG. But after all, this is the perfect texture pack for medieval fans, because it captures the essence of the era flawlessly. Upon downloading the pack, you can build better medieval structures.

Furthermore, you can download for older Minecraft versions a Chroma Hills 64x pack alongside the standard Chroma Hills 128x pack. The only difference is the number of pixels. The lower resolution is more suitable for weaker hardware that can’t handle HD textures. However, we recommend the 128x version, because it offers a more detailed experience with animated blocks. The meticulously selected color palette ensures a harmonious blend of textures. Additionally, the items are intricately designed. So when you’re mining netherite or diamonds, your pickaxe will look even more impressive in your virtual hand.

If you are looking for free alternatives, you should download SummerFields and John Smith Legacy.

Support the Journey

Now, you might wonder, how can you contribute to the continued growth and development of Chroma Hills? SycloneSJS faces the monumental task of maintaining and expanding the pack while juggling the responsibilities of a family and other commitments. By lending your support on Patreon, you can play a vital role in enabling SycloneSJS to dedicate the necessary time and resources to push the boundaries of Chroma Hills further. The joy of bringing personal ideas to life within Minecraft’s blocky game world continues to fuel the creator’s passion.

Even if you’re unable to provide direct support, your contribution to the Chroma Hills resource pack is invaluable. By spreading the word about this amazing project and telling your friends about it, you can help the community continue to thrive. While the future holds the promise of mod support textures, it will undoubtedly take some time to achieve this goal. Furthermore, players with low-end PCs can look forward to a 32x resolution release, which will cater to their needs. We hope our exploration of Chroma Hills has piqued your interest. Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section.


Chroma Hills is compatible with these Minecraft versions: 1.19.4 – 1.19.3 – 1.19.2 – 1.19.1 – 1.19 – 1.18.2 – 1.18.1 – 1.18 – 1.16.5 – 1.16 – 1.15.2 – 1.15 – 1.14.4 – 1.14 – 1.13.2 – 1.13 – 1.12.2 – 1.12

  • Art
  • GUI
  • Particles
  • Environment
  • Font
  • Mobs
  • Armor

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Use our comparison tool to compare the Minecraft default pack with Chroma Hills.
ChromaHills texture pack compared to Minecraft vanilla (before)ChromaHills texture pack compared to Minecraft vanilla (after)

How To Install Chroma Hills Texture Pack

Check out the easy steps to install everything with just a few clicks.
  1. To use all the cool features in this pack, download and install OptiFine.
  2. Download the Chroma Hills texture pack for Minecraft from the file section below. Pick the file that matches your Minecraft edition and version.
  3. Launch Minecraft.
  4. Click "Options" on the main menu.
  5. In the options, go to the submenu “Resource Packs”.
  6. Click "Open Pack Folder" at the bottom left to see a folder titled "resourcepacks".
  7. Put the downloaded ZIP file into your "resourcepacks" folder. Or, just drag and drop it into the Minecraft window to add the pack.
  8. You will see the pack on the left side of the resource pack selection menu. Unzip the file if you can't see the pack.
  9. Hover over the pack thumbnail and click the arrow pointing right.
    If the game says the pack is for a newer or older Minecraft version when you activate it, don't worry! It's just a heads-up. Click 'Yes' and enjoy the new textures – it won't affect your gameplay.
  10. Click "Done" and all assets have been loaded.

We must mention that this extraordinary pack does come with a price tag of 990 Minecoins if you purchase Chroma Hills HD in the Minecraft Marketplace. However, considering the sheer amount of content, it’s well worth the investment. So, if you’re a fan of cartoon-esque charm, Chroma Hills is an absolute must-have. Please note that the version for Java Edition is free and can be downloaded from our download section. The guide above teaches you how to install the pack on your PC.

Chroma Hills Texture Pack Download

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  1. bought it on the marketplace but stuff like coal and sugar cane is mega huge and sugar has no texture. other than that its my favorite pock

    • Open the Chroma Hills texture pack file and click on “assets” -> “minecraft” -> “textures” and delete all folders here except the block folder

    • The creator has written on Twitter that there are currently problems with his website. He is working on fixing the error code “Forbidden You don’t have permission to access / on this server”.