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Download Minecraft PE Trails and Tales for Android with a working Xbox Live: Play with eight new wolf variations, an updated servers tab, and more!

Minecraft Beta

It’s update day, and Mojang released the latest beta & preview on March 6, 2024, Minecraft If you’ve already got Minecraft on your device, good news – you can get this update for zero bucks. Stick with us as we tell you what got changed and introduced in the gameplay with, and then be sure to download it!

Since the big reveal in February 2024, the fans have been abuzz with anticipation for the Hardcore mode in the Bedrock Edition. It’s a variant of the survival mode and you cannot respawn after dying. And the best part? This hardcore thrill is coming to both solo play and Realms. How cool is that? Though the update doesn’t roll out tests for the new Hardcore mode, rest assured, the developers are diligently crafting this much-anticipated feature. So, while we all need to be a tad more patient for this ultimate survival challenge, it’s going to be an epic thing. Our tip? Keep your eyes peeled on our website; you definitely won’t want to miss the news!

New Minecraft Wolves

Enjoy the new Minecraft wolf pack! They aren’t your average wolves; they change depending on where they hang out. It’s like they have their own little wolfy personalities based on their home turf. It reminds us of the Better Dogs texture pack. Let us break it down for you:

First up, we’ve got the Pale Wolf. Think of this one as the classic wolf you know. You’ll find these guys chilling in the Taiga biome, rolling deep with their squad of four. They’re like the OGs of the wolf world in Minecraft PE.

Next, there’s the Woods Wolf. These fellas are the ones you’ll bump into most since they love hanging out in the Forest biome. The Forest is pretty much everywhere, so get ready to see a lot of these guys around.

Then, we have the Ashen Wolf, looking all mysterious in the Snowy Taiga biome. They’ve got that cool, snowy vibe going on.

Don’t forget about the Black Wolf. These sleek wolves roam the Old Growth Pine Taiga biome. They’re a bit pickier about their squad size, so you’ll see them in packs of 2 to 4.

The Chestnut Wolf is up next, calling the Old Growth Spruce Taiga biome their home. Just like the Black Wolves, they prefer smaller packs.

Now, for something totally new, the Rusty Wolf in the Sparse Jungle biome. Yeah, you heard right, wolves in the jungle! These guys also stick to smaller packs.

The Spotted Wolf is hanging out in the Savanna Plateau biome. They love the company, so expect to see bigger packs of these cool pups.

Then there’s the Striped Wolf, found in the Wooded Badlands biome. They’re also into the pack life, roaming in groups just like the Spotted Wolves.

And last, but definitely not least, the Snowy Wolf in the Grove biome. This one’s a lone wolf, literally. Always solo, adding a touch of mystery.

Updated Servers Tab in Bedrock Preview

Picture this: You hit in Minecraft PE the play screen and BAM, there’s this revamped servers tab staring back at you. It’s not just any update; we’re talking about a major facelift here. This tab now showcases featured servers with some seriously exclusive environments, all thanks to Minecraft’s partner peeps.

Furthermore, this update brings some super useful features to the table. Ever heard of server activities and news? Well, now they’re right there at your fingertips, keeping you in the loop with what’s happening in the Minecraft universe. And for the gamers who like to get their hands dirty, you can now add and tweak your own custom servers. Yeah, you heard that right! Whether you’re on PC or mobile, you can set up your personal Minecraft server with all the bells and whistles needed to invite your friends.

Submit Minecraft Feedback

So, as you jump into the super cool world of Minecraft PE, just think of how excited the Minecraft crew and us are to know what you think about it. Your ideas and what you say about the game really help the developers decide what to do next in Minecraft Pocket Edition. So, don’t wait, go download Minecraft PE with Xbox Liv, and start trying out all the new stuff!

Video & Screenshots

Watch the video about the update and subscribe to us on YouTube. The screenshots were taken in Minecraft PE with the Bare Bones texture pack.

How To Install Minecraft PE

  1. Tap on the MCPE download link to start downloading the APK file. The download may take a few moments depending on your internet speed.
  2. After the installation is complete, you’ll see a confirmation message stating that Minecraft PE has been successfully installed on your device.
  3. Now, you can open the app and start playing Minecraft PE on your Android device.

Minecraft PE Download

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