Pastel Shaders 1.20, 1.20.6 → 1.19.4

Pastel shaders

The Pastel shaders are your ticket to the Minecraft paradise! But, hold up! Don’t get tripped up by the name. Even though the name sounds like we’re about to start coloring with a set of soft-hued pencils, this isn’t about painting at all. Nope, we’re writing about a new shader pack.

Shrimple Shaders 1.20, 1.20.6 → 1.19.4

Shrimple shaders

The crown jewel of Shrimple shaders is its ray-traced shadows. This isn’t just any fancy tech jargon; it’s the secret sauce that makes the sunlight and moonlight in Minecraft feel like they’re actually caressing the landscapes and structures of your world.

Exposa Shaders 1.20, 1.20.6 → 1.19.4

Exposa shaders

The Exposa shaders for Minecraft are pretty new to the scene, especially when you compare them to the big names that have been around forever in the Minecraft community. They used to go by Exposa Unique Shaders, but let’s be real, that was quite a mouthful, wasn’t it?

Bliss Shaders 1.20, 1.20.6 → 1.19.4

Bliss shaders

Imagine playing Minecraft with mods that are already pretty awesome, but then, one day, you think, “What if it could be even better?”. That’s exactly what happened to the creator behind the Bliss shaders for Minecraft. After years of playing with Chocapic’s shaders and loving its customizability, he wanted more.

Insanity Shaders 1.20, 1.20.6 → 1.19.4

Insanity shaders

As experts in the field of Minecraft modifications, we tell you everything about the Insanity shaders, the best features, and their impact on FPS. Combining technical analysis with personal experience, we provide a detailed insight into the Insanity shaders for Minecraft.

RudoPlays Shaders 1.20, 1.20.6 → 1.19.4

RudoPlays shaders

RudoPlays shaders got published on August 17, 2013, and since then, the MediaFire download page hasn’t seen any updates. Now, let’s be clear, RudoPlays isn’t designed to compete with the latest hyper-realistic shaders out there – it’s low-end and quite basic, which explains its tiny file size of just 34.64KB.

Super Duper Vanilla Shaders 1.20, 1.20.6 → 1.19.4

Super Duper Vanilla shaders

You may remember the canceled Super Duper Graphics Pack that was announced by Mojang back in 2017. While it was later replaced by Ray Tracing technology for NVIDIA’s RTX cards, not everyone has access to these high-end graphics cards. That’s where the talented developer Eldeston (FlameRender Studios) comes in.

Rethinking Voxels Shaders 1.20, 1.20.6 → 1.19, 1.19.4

Rethinking Voxels shaders

Our team recently discovered an incredible mod called Rethinking Voxels shaders, and let us tell you, it’s a treat for the eyes. We decided to write this article and record some gameplay to explore its impressive features. At first glance, Rethinking Voxels may not seem too different from Complementary Reimagined shaders.

SEUS PTGI Shaders 1.20, 1.20.6 → 1.19, 1.19.4

SEUS PTGI shaders

SEUS PTGI presents a free experimental edition of SEUS that adds ray tracing to Minecraft without the need for an RTX graphics card. Unlike traditional methods, this version incorporates a completely custom software implementation of ray tracing. The acronym “PTGI” stands for “Path Traced Global Illumination”.